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The Membrane Application & Bio-Environmental Engineering Laboratory ( MABEEL ) at Chia Nan University was established in 1999 by Prof. Chia-Yuan Chang.

The MABEEL's research program includes projects in the areas of membrane application, biological. and phy-chemical methods for water reclamation with an emphasis on the integration of these approaches to achieve the sustainability of water environment. The research program has two elements, basic research granted by government which is mainly from National Science Council (NSC), and research collaboration with industry and other organizations.

Many of the MABEEL's industry partners are small to medium sized local companies who have provided research and development funding and collaborated to commercialize the results of research projects. The MABEEL is able to offer flexible solutions to industrial and environmental needs. The MABEEL's current focus is on small-scale environmentally sustainable processes, which are cost-effective to produce and establish, robust, efficient, and easy to operate and maintain.

The MABEEL has a strong track record of research collaboration and consultancy work with industry and government organizations. It has also established connections with the international environmental research community through its association with the International Academic Collaboration and Exchange Program.

We sincerely invite you to learn more about our research activities and field works on these pages and welcome your comments or inquiries. For more information about MABEEL, please contact Prof. Chang at chadjamei@yahoo.com.tw

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